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Urban R+D help Landowners build and sell family homes on their land.

If you own an end-of-garden plot, a disused garage or a vacant lot - now you can maximise the potential of your asset by developing it yourself.

The Urban R+D Standard 

Enduring, adaptable, and environmentally responsible property development that reflects the evolving needs of inner-city family living.

Interior design


Livable, family homes with dynamic spaces to London Design Guide space standards with generous amenity, provision of utilities, storage and functional spaces.

Save the Planet


Consideration to be given to embodied energies in construction materials and methods, as well as the operational efficiency of the completed developments.



Urban R+D helps Landowners develop land they own into quality, sustainable family homes that represent the greatest value to both the Landowner and the End User.

Wooden House

Architect-led Development

Award-winning consultant teams curate a rigorous design and delivery process.

Recent changes to regulations and increased obligations on property developers have shown value engineering and cost-cutting may end up being more costly across the life of a building or development company. The lesson to be learnt is to build well, build green and build healthy - first time.

Our Fee

Both fees are variable on success creating the incentive for the Development Consultant to reduce development costs and increase
the market value.


of the value of the land subject to securing planning permission




of the development profit margin upon completion



The smartest and most lucrative choice

Urban R+D is a tech-enabled end-to-end development management service that aims to deliver quality homes on underutilised land.

Landowners generate over 50% more for their land compared to the equivalent land-with-planning sale to a Property Developer.  Moreover, the Urban R+D innovated devolved property development™ process is the only market access route for un-financed Landowners with no previous property development experience.

From their work, it is clear we have a new emerging methodology it is worth our time to explore and test ... their commitment and endeavour is extraordinary, and the results speak for themselves

Victor Callister

Deputy Director of Architecture & Built Environment, 2016-18

Design Council

Image by Mitchell Luo

Landowner Testimonials

"I always thought about doing something with my land but didn't know where to start.  I'm excited about working with Urban R+D to make the most of it"

Landowner, E2

"Our site is at the end of the garden, so the fact that Urban R+D are design-focused gave us peace of mind when building close to our home"

Landowner, N17

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