Tower Hamlets Small Sites Survey

Tower Hamlets Small Sites Survey

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Covering an area of 10km² the North-Eastern section of Tower Hamlets Borough between Victoria Park to the North, Commercial Road/East India Dock Road to the South, QEP/River Lea to the East and Cambridge Heath Road to the West. Wards covered: Bow East, Bow West, Lansbury, Mile End, Bethnal Green, Bromley South, St. Dunstan's, Stepney Green and Bromley North. 176 Small Sites were identified in NE Tower Hamlets with a combined development potential of 3,780 homes. 2,742 of these potential homes are on Publicly-owned Small Sites.

Findings Summary

In the adjacent table, Wards are arranged in order of their overall area with Bow East topping the list at 1.8km² and Bromley North the smallest at 0.6km². The potential for housing on small sites is for the most part correlated to the area of the Ward. Clearly visible on with the heat filter applied to the table is the Bethnal Green with a potential homes on sites with less than 50 units which is well above average for the size of Ward.

42% of homes are on small sites with 100+ home potential, of which we have identified 12; 3 TFL/rail sites, 1 Housing Association site and 8 on publicly-owned land, with 180 homes being the single largest potential housing provision on a Small Site in NE Tower Hamlets.

In terms of ownership, with a potential 2,742 homes, the majority of the small sites are on Publicly-owned land - 1,622 (58%) of which are on sites of less than 100 units.

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Detailed Field Study Report

The Field Study Report presents and analyse the data to summaries key aspects of the study aiding Councils in the use of the information.

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Site Dashboard

Each site is presented within the dashboard, displaying; images, red line axo, map and information about the site. Key information includes: ownership, site area, planning history, opportunities and constraints, number of units, etc.

Site Search Application

Search by: owner, site area and number of units. The interactive site search interface allows users to view sites specific to their needs.